Letting go of memories of past love

I have been with someone for over 7 years now. This relationship is nowhere near as how it was in the beginning. You can assume its a mature relationship. There’s been a lot of difficulties and a lot of happiness, but I still find myself thinking of you.

After 9 years, I still think of you. Your face, your hands, your warmth, still think of it. Your kiss, your hug, your love, still think of it. I close my eyes and I see what our future could have been. I see you and me happy. I see your smile and its all I ever needed. Then, I open my eyes and you’re not there. I remember that all those beautiful things never happened and you’re miles away.


How do I let go of all these memories? How do I tell myself that you’re no longer a possibility? How do I stop being unfair to the person who I am currently with?

Just tell me you feel the same way as me, and I’ll leave all this behind. JUST FOR YOU.


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