So, I’ve somehow have managed to suppress the thoughts of you RM, for now.

My sister had been living with me for about 5 1/2 months and she just moved out this week. I am very happy for her because she is discovering independence and responsibility. I can’t seem to stop thinking that you drove her out of the house. You are such an arrogant, commanding, asshole. I share the same views as them in regards to your behavior, but at the same time all the issues around the house could have ceased to exist if there wasn’t a sense of irresponsibility. At the end of the day, you are a huge part of the decision of them moving out and now I am stuck with a whole set of other problems.

I think I have had it with you. I don’t feel the same. I don’t enjoy your company. I don’t want to see you. You annoy me. It’s time for us to go our separate ways. Again, I am stuck on how in the world do I tell you without your ridiculous reactions and stupid assumptions. No, I am not looking for anyone else and no I am not seeing anyone. I just want to be alone. I want to be by myself. I have had to tell you that you are priority for the past 7+years. I am sorry, but you are no longer it. I don’t care about what you have to say. You bore me. And please stop talking about children and adoption I don’t want that. I know it upsets you, but unfortunately those are my true feelings.

If it isn’t because of our financial status and our stupid lease, I would have walked away already.


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