I Can’t Help It

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I have been wondering what life would be like if I wouldn’t have asked the question on 5/13/06 or if I would have listened to when you came by the house. I wonder if things would have been better if I would have walked away a long time ago or if this is something waiting to happen even though we just invested in a $200k+ house. Do I really want to be rooted here? Is there something out there for me? 

My relationship with you hasn’t changed since we last discussed what we both wanted. I know it’s not something that changes overnight, but at least some attempt should be made. I feel like I’m just going through life and. It living it. I want to feel protected, loved, cherished, appreciated, and special. I want to be held in strong arms with reassurance that I will be okay and it will never end. 


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