Sweet Temptation

Lets talk about you M.R. I used to have the biggest attraction to you. I remember passing the halls, catching a glimpse of your eyes and that smile that makes me melt. I used to do the impossible to make sure I would never miss seeing you. I was so comfortable around you. I could be myself and you just never judged me nor made me feel inferior.

I remember that time we were walking between buildings and we held hands without even thinking about it. We looked at each other with awe. Wondered why it was such an instinct move.

I remember all the random calls you used to make. You’d talk about this girl and that girl; always making me feel a little jealous, but comforted to know you would call me and no one else.

I loved it when you would tell me to come visit you at work. I loved that you would make me your specialty. Anything to catch a glimpse of that smile.

And now, I find myself thinking of you years later. Still yearning to explore that temptation that still lives inside me. The last time we talked I was beyond excited to find out that just like I did back then, you were dying to fall into temptation with me. Listening to you describe the things you love about me is still incredible. I still want to fall into temptation with you and want to lust over you time and time again.

You are my guilty pleasure.